Scholl Orthotic Heel Pain Relief Insoles - small, medium or large

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Scholl Orthotic In-Balance Heel Pain Relief Insoles - choose your size from the drop down.

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Scholl Heel Pain Relief Insoles reduce shock on ligaments and tendons to help relieve heel pain.


Targets your feet - a common source of everyday lower body pains.

The new range of Scholl In-Balance Pain Relief Insoles have been developed with a team of biomechanic experts.

The insoles work in 3 ways:

1) Immediately help to absorb stress-inducing shock through the lower body.

2) Contour to the feet to spread your weight more evenly & reduce pressure.

3) Help to stabalize the position of your foot to support your natural walking style.

All of our pain-relief insoles have a motion control structure. The right shape and combination of materials to provide extra support to specific areas of the foot.


How to use


Before usage, make sure the product fits well in the shoe. The heel of the insole should be placed against the back of the shoe.

For some people, pain relief insoles may take time to feel comfortable. Feet need time to get used to the structural properties of the insole, so a break in period may be necessary. If needed, build use gradually by wearing the In-Balance Pain Relief Insoles for an increasing number of hours each day until you can wear them all day.

If pain persists, discontinue use and consult a professional for advice.

How does it work?

Dual layer cushioning gel with flexible support to help relieve heel pain associated with plantar fasclltls or heel spurs.

A heel raise to reduce stress on the achilles tendon, which may help to reduce pain associated with achilles tendonltls.


Hazards and Cautions


Scholl and Diabetes

If you have diabetes or poor circulation you could be at risk of foot related complications. Please seek advice from a doctor or podiatrist before using this product.

Keep out of the sight and reach of children.


Important info


1 pair of Gel Heel Pain Relief Insoles


Product supplied is EU import.


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