Scholl Gel Activ Womens Insoles - large range available

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All insoles in the range are to fit size UK 3 - 7.5 (EU 35 - 40.5)

Everything you need to know about insoles
Did you know a human being walks five times around the earth during their lifetime, on average? That’s an enormous strain on our feet, and why so many of us suffer from tired or painful feet – especially if we’re more active.

Wearing insoles not only offers feet the everyday support they need but can also help with ailments affecting your feet or posture. Without them, a lack of sufficient cushioning and support can lead to sore and uncomfortable feet. In this article we share a range of insole options, so you can choose the best insoles for your lifestyle to make painful feet a thing of the past.

Designed to fit every shoe
The GelActiv Insole range has been developed to provide specific relief for different requirements and types of strain on the foot, so that the variants GelActiv Everyday, GelActiv Sport with their cushioning and shock absorbing effect, alleviating strain on the joints, and GelActiv Work works with its pressure reduction for feet exposed to heavy stress and strain.

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