2 X Febreze 3Volution Refills Cranberry Limited Edition

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2 X Packs of Febreze 3Volution Refills Cranberry

Continuously removes odours and alternates between 3 complementary scents for noticeable freshness

Lasts up to 90 days (if used 12h per day at low setting)

Cranberry a scent that travels further

Inspired by the freshness of cranberry fruits

3Volution with Odourclear Technology continuously removes odours, leaving a light fresh scent

3Volution alternates the complementary scents every 45 minutes so you keep noticing the freshness

Febreze 3Volution Cranberry continuously eliminates odours and alternates between 3 complementary scents for freshness you keep noticing. Lasts up to 90 days (if used 12h per day on low setting). Discover the beauty of fresh Cranberry boosted with exotic fruit notes. Let a sense of calm envelop you as this clean & gentle scent fills the air. With traditional plugs, we get used to to scents quickly and stop noticing them. Febreze 3Volution renews the freshness by continuously & automatically alternating between 3 complementary, high quality scents every 45 minutes. Use Febreze 3Volution refills with the 3Volution Electrical Diffuser to fill your home with freshness and fragrance that you will keep noticing day after day, week after week. 3Volution also lets you adjust the level of scent, helping you to create the ambiance that you want, when you want.

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