How to use a Dettol Automatic Soap Dispenser (No Touch)

How to use a Dettol Automatic Soap Dispenser (No Touch)
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To start using the Dettol Automatic Soap Dispenser we've taken an easy how to guide from the Dettol Website to ensure you're up to date with the latest on how to get your no touch system perfect for the family!

1. Remove packaging that covers the box and machine itself.
2. Open battery box remove the tab and press the battery door back into place.
3. Remove seal from No Touch Refill and insert it, cap-down, into the device until you hear a click.
4. Place dispenser on counter. Whether Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage wherever you'd like easy no-touch access.
5. Switch it on, using the on button on the back of the dispenser. Place the dispenser on counter. Your device is now ready for use.

Place hand under the sensor until soap is dispensed. You may need to repeat this whilst the refill grabs the correct consistency. 

When the Hand Wash refill is empty turn the dispenser off and take the refill out. Replace only with Dettol No Touch Antibacterial Hand Wash Refill.

Maintaining your dispenser:

DO NOT place the dispenser under running water. This will cause damage to the sensor and is not refundable.

DO NOT place the dispenser inside the dishwasher. It will destroy the machine and do serious damage to your dishwasher.

If the dispenser requires cleaning, switch it OFF, then wipe dispenser with a damp non-abrasive cloth and dry thoroughly. Ensure lens on underside of nozzle is free from soap build-up as this may unintentionally activate the sensor.

DO NOT place the dispenser in direct sunlight. Like most electronics sunlight can cause products to overheat.

DO NOT place the dispenser in standing water. This will cause damage to the machine and is not refundable.


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